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Information about wikis for sustainable development.

There are many wikis related to sustainable development. This page provides a guide to some of these useful wiki websites, organized by topic.

Topics: Agriculture - Appropriate technology - Biodiversity - Bioenergy - Chemicals - Climate change - Coasts - Communities - Environment (General) - EIAs - Eco-living - Forests - Gender - General - Household energy - IT - International development - Knowledge management - Pollution - Public health - Research - Scenario planning - Sustainability standards - Tourism - Transportation - Water


  • Agropedia - "a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated model of digital content organization in the agricultural domain." Focused on India. Lead organization is ICRISAT.
  • Appropedia - a broad wiki, with agriculture content focused on permaculture, and more broadly on sustainable agriculture, abundance, urban agriculture, and food production for developing contexts.
    • Lead sponsor(s): Appropedia Foundation

Appropriate technology

  • Appropedia - Addresses a wide range of topics related to sustainability and development; strongest in appropriate technology. Includes some information in other languages including Bahasa Indonesia. Incorporates predecessor wikis WikiGreen, Village Earth and How to Live Wiki.
    • Lead sponsor(s): Appropedia Foundation, International Rivers Network, Practical Action, Demotech.

Biodiversity information

Bioenergy / biofuel

  • Appropedia - a broad wiki, including biofuel and other renewable energy topics, including a special focus on developing contexts.
    • Lead sponsor(s): Appropedia Foundation
  • Biofuels Wiki - "The Biofuels Wiki is a one-stop, collaborative, open-source, industry-led site where knowledge about liquid renewable biofuels can be found." Managed by the non-profit Biofuels Center of North Carolina.
  • OBEDwiki - Open Biofuel Engine Development wiki
    • "OBEDWiki was created to provide a space for information about the use of biofuels in engines."
  • - "a knowledge base for the purpose of advocating and advancing both public knowledge of renewable fuels and practical applications of algae as a method of creating renewable fuels for a sustainable future"[3]

Chemicals/Green chemistry

  • California Green Chemistry Initiative Wiki - State government site to facilitate public input regarding implementation of California’s Green Chemistry Program for reducing the use of harmful chemicals; it "encourages all persons to draft regulations they would like to see the State adopt."[4]

Climate change

  • Climate Change - Global Perspective a "Debategraph" wiki available through Debategraph: "Mapping the causes, consequences and potential responses to climate change -- in collaboration with researchers from the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, Open Knowledge University Media Institute and Rutgers, Oslo and Naples Universities."[5]
  • ClimateLab - The mission of ClimateLab is "to develop web-based tools for knowledge sharing and collaboration that drive action to address climate change."[6]
  • Climate Navigator Wiki - this wiki "will build a virtual community of policymakers, businesspeople, and scientists. By aggregating their knowledge, distilling their insights, and publicizing their debates, the Climate Navigator will help lay the groundwork for tomorrow's successful energy and climate technologies."[7]

Climate change adaptation

Climate change science

  • U3A Climate Study wiki - "an online study group which will sift through the evidence and the latest developments to try to build a better picture for the general public" concerning climate change.

Coastal zone management


Environment (General)

  • Encyclopedia of Earth - a part of the Earth Portal;
    • "access is restricted to approved experts and all content is reviewed and approved by Topic Editors prior to being published from the wiki to this public site."[9]

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental living

  • My ECO Guide - "My ECO Guide is a free wiki based global well of eco knowledge anyone can contribute to. It is a unique combination of an informative and an inspirational online guide written by the Enjoy Eco Living community. Its main aim is to inspire and empower people to live more eco-friendly lives."[10]

Forest products


  • WikiGender - "Wikigender is a project initiated by the OECD Development Centre to facilitate the exchange and improve the knowledge on gender-related issues around the world."[11]


  • Wikipedia - General encyclopedia wiki. Non-encyclopedic content is excluded.

Household energy

Information technology

  • First Mile First Inch wiki - To support "Social and technical innovation on service delivery models in different contexts of communities with low-density telecommunications."
    • Lead sponsor(s): Acacia, Connectivity Africa, IDRC, others.

International development (general)

Knowledge management


  • Nitrogen Wiki - an online forum about "nitrogen pollution and improving agricultural practices." (Archived site.)

Public health

  • Flu Wiki - "The purpose of the Flu Wiki is to help local communities prepare for and perhaps cope with a possible influenza pandemic."


  • Scholarpedia - General encyclopedia written by academic experts.

Scenario planning

Sustainable design

  • Appropedia - includes many projects and designs for renewable energy devices, sustainable building and all related areas.
  • Designers Accord wiki - "The Designers Accord is a global coalition of designers, educators, researchers, engineers, and corporate leaders, working together to create positive environmental and social impact."
    • "The vision of the Designers Accord is to integrate the principles of sustainable design into all practice and production."[13]

Sustainability standards


  • The "Good Tourism" Wiki - "intended as a knowledge bank of updated theory, agreements & declarations, reports & guides, best practices, useful links and multimedia resources related to sustainable tourism and responsible travel (aka "good tourism"), contributed by travel and tourism stakeholders, (i.e. you!)."[15]

Transportation / Urban environment


  • Appropedia - includes projects, designs and practices in water and sanitation.
  • - Addresses water governance in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the former Soviet Union.
    • Lead sponsor(s): United Nations Development Programme

Other internet websites

The following useful websites, while not wikis, are also of potential interest:

  • - a website for sharing academic research.

Other indexes of development and sustainability wikis

  • Green wikis and development wikis - A table of wikis on Appropedia, which can be sorted to show which are the most active, and which have the most pages. Table include brief descriptions, and the page includes analysis of wikis in this field.

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