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U.S. Senators at Transportation Biofuels Conference held by US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, 1 February 2007.

This page provides information on policies related to biofuels and bioenergy around the world. Policy information can also be found on country pages.


Policy Overview

United States Capitol.

International policies on biofuels

National-level policies on biofuels

European Union policy

The countries of the European Union collectively import a large quantity of biofuels, such as palm oil from Southeast Asia. The EU has a number of policies related to biofuels, including a target for renewable energy sources to reach 20% of overall EU energy consumption by 2020. The European Biofuels Directive (2003/30/EC), (May 2003) set a target of 2% biofuels by 2005 (which was not met) and a target of 5.75% biofuels by 2010. For more information, see the BioenergyWiki page on EU policies on biofuels.

European Union policies on biofuels edit
European Biofuels Directive (2003)
Countries: The Netherlands: The Transport Biofuels Act | United Kingdom: Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation

Latin America and the Caribbean


United States policy

Click on the links in the box below or see the main page: United States policy.

United States Policy edit
Federal policies: Renewable Fuel Standard | Energy Policy Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-58) | Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 | Biomass Research and Development Act of 2000 | Farm Bill

Proposed policy: President's Twenty in Ten | Biofuels Innovation Program
State policies: California | Minnesota |
Proposed Federal Legislation: Energy Bill |


  1. Biofuel Bill ready for Parliament debate in May, 14 March 2007 from The Business Times.

Policy edit
Policies by region: EU policy | US policy (Obama Administration) | G8 policy | UK policy (Gallagher Review)
Sustainability standards
Position papers (CSIS Report, Tropical Forest and Climate Unity Agreement)


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