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Syngas, or synthesis gas, refers to a gas mixture that contains different amounts of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen, produced from the gasification of biomass or fossil fuels.[1]



Gasification edit

Gasification is a Thermochemical conversion technology.
(Thermochemical technologies: Combustion, Gasification, Pyrolysis, Depolymerization)

Gasification technologies:
Fixed Bed - Downdraft Co-current Fixed Bed, Updraft co-current Fixed Bed, Updraft Counter-current Fixed Bed, Cross-draft fixed bed, Open core fixed bed
Fluidized Bed - Pressurized Circulating Fluidized Bed, Atmospheric Circulating Fluidized Bed
Novel Designs - Plasma Arc Gasification, 2-Stage Gasifier, Open-Top, Aqueous Phase Reforming, Hybrid hydrogen-carbon process

Biomass edit
Biomass energy - Biopower/Bioelectricity | Woody biomass | Emerging biomass industries
Biomass sources: Traditional - Trees/Wood - Agricultural waste | Potential - Seaweed
Biomass-related events (Biomass event archive)
Biomass-related news (Biomass news archive)


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