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This section is for papers and statements that are primarily advocating for a specific policy, approach or position regarding bioenergy. This includes statements by politicians, and United States Congressional Statements. Reports that examine or evaluate the current state or trends in bioenergy are in the reports section.


Position Papers


  • Risk governance guidelines for bioenergy policies - This "Policy Brief" by the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC), issued 1 October 2008, concluded that "bioenergy could contribute to three important global objectives: improving energy security, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and supporting sustainable rural development. However, bioenergy alone cannot achieve these objectives and IRGC has also concluded that a continuation of some current policies may, in fact, hinder progress towards meeting some or all of them in the long term. IRGC has identified several substantial deficits in the current governance of the opportunities and risks of bioenergy, and proposes a number of recommendations for improving the assessment and the management of major risks related to an unsustainable development of bioenergy, and in particular liquid biofuels."
  • Global Position Paper on Bioenergy, by WWF International, July 2008.
    • From the summary: "WWF believes that bioenergy can provide diverse sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, additional incomes for rural communities and contribute to development. However, bioenergy development is not necessarily sustainable. Depending on which crops are produced, where and how, bioenergy developments can cause significant negative environmental and social impacts, such as deforestation, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, excessive water use, land use conflicts, food shortages and staple food crop price spikes."[1]


United States

  • The New Petroleum Lugar, R.G. and R.J. Woolsey. 2002. The New Petroleum. p. 3–10. In: J. Janick and A. Whipkey (eds.), Trends in new crops and new uses. ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA. Paper on biofuels by US Senator Lugar and former CIA Director James Woolsey.

United States Congressional Statements

  • Senator Lugar Address at Purdue University Conference, 29 August 2006.
    • Senator Lugar stated that "Far in the future, historians may point to the energy policy of the last several decades as the major national security failing of the American government in this era."
    • In addition, he stated that the United States "should expand ethanol production to 100 billion gallons a year by 2025, a figure that could be achieved by doubling output every five years.

European Union


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