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Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are involved in bioenergy in various ways, including variously promoting or opposing the development of various bioenergy applications and policies.

NGO statements or positions relevant to bioenergy include:

International NGO networks

  • CURES Network (Citizens United for Renewable Energy and Sustainability)




South Africa

  • Southern African Biofuels Association - "The Southern African Biofuels Association (SABA), as a non-profit organization, aims to facilitate the establishment of a viable biofuels industry in Southern Africa."[4]


  • Pamoja is a Vermont (US) and Tanzania based non-profit organization. The ProTREE project team is working with non-edible plant oils as a liquid fuel alternative. Their current focus is the oil extracted from the nuts of the Jatropha curcas or Physic Nut plant.




Regional/European Union


  • European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) - "A non governmental organization with both national biomass associations and companies as members, promoting the use of bioenergy in the EU in general and especially towards the EU Commission and EU Parliament"
  • Ghent Bioenergy Valley - "A Public Private Partnership aiming to support the development of sustainable bio-energy activities and resulting economic growth in the region of Ghent"




  • Heinrich-Böll-Foundation A legally independent political organization affiliated with the green party. The foundation works to support political education in Germany and abroad.

United Kingdom

  • Practical Action - A charity, which "works with poor communities to develop appropriate technologies in... agroprocessing, energy,.. and transport"[7], including [biogas] projects.

Latin America and the Caribbean



  • FBOMS Energy Working Group (Brazilian Forum of Non-governmental Organizations and Social Movements for the Environment and Development) (in Portuguese and English)

North America

United States

(See United States for information on governmental organizations.) +

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