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Information about biofuels and bioenergy in the state of Nevada in the United States.





  • Nevada will get next-generation ethanol plant, 28 June 2011 by "Nevada will be the site of one of the world's few next-generation ethanol plants, DuPont announced Monday."
    • "The biorefinery will use corncobs, leaves and stalks as feedstock rather than corn."
    • "To remain a leader in ethanol production, Iowa must find an efficient, cost-effective way to harvest the tons of biomass left on fields and turn it into biofuel."
    • "Federal renewable-energy goals will require refiners to use 36 billion gallons of ethanol a year by 2022, and much of it from sources other than cornstarch."
    • "DuPont Danisco is working with local farmers to get commitments for collecting cobs, leaves and stalks from their fields. The plant will need about 300,000 dry tons of stover annually."[1]
  • Legendary Air Force Thunderbirds Give Camelina Jet Biofuel a Workout, 23 May 2011 by Clean Technica: "The U.S. Air Force took camelina under its wing a couple of years ago and tested it out on the A-10C Thunderbolt II, and it must have done pretty well because for the first time ever a camelina based jet fuel has been used by the Thunderbirds, the Air Force’s official aerial demonstration team."
    • "The decision to use camelina for the Thunderbirds is significant because it underscores the U.S. military’s evolving mission of bringing new sustainable technology to the civilian world."
    • "The Thunderbirds are headquartered at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, suitably enough, because the facility has emerged as an early leader in the U.S. military’s shift away from fossil fuels. Nellis AFB installed its first solar panels back in 2007."
    • "The Air Force has become one of the top purchasers of alternative energy in the U.S., and it is developing a portable solar power system that can be shipped overseas in a standard container."[2]



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