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UNDP Multifunctional Platform

  • This project was originally developed through a UNIDO/IFAD regional project in Mali and Burkina Faso from 1994 and has expanded to other West African countries including Ghana, Guinea, and Senegal.1
The diesel engine can be powered by jatropha oil

What It Is

  • The multifunctional platform is built around a simple diesel engine, which can also run off pure jatropha oil.1
  • It can power various tools, such as a cereal mill, husker, alternator, battery charger, pump, welding and carpentry equipment, etc. It can also generate electricity and be used to distribute water.
  • It reduces many of the women's burdensome, exhausting and unproductive tasks (fetching water, grinding cereals...), and when women own or operate the platform it offers women income-generating opportunities and management experience and increases women’s social status as they become more economically independent.1
  • It is made of locally available equipment and is installed and maintained by local private artisans.1
  • It can stimulate the creation, the development and/or modernisation of other artisenal activities in the villages (e.g. blacksmiths, mechanics, carpentry, etc…).1
  • Recent UNDP projects consist of: engine, mill, dehuller, alternator, battery charger, and house. The cost of the equipment and of the installation of the basic module is about $4,300, with 60 % financed by the beneficiaries and the $2000 subsidised by the project. Depreciation and variable costs (maintenance, remuneration for female operators) are borne entirely by a women’s management committee.1
  • A drinkable water-distribution network can be installed using the platform, which costs about US$12,000 for 2000 meters of pipes, a 30 cubic meter tank and 4 taps. It is also possible to install an electric lighting distribution network in connection with the platform, that costs US$10,000.1

Jatropha in rural development

  • Jatropha World - The Center for Jatropha Promotion is a web-site produced by the Society for Rural Initiatives for Promotion of Herbals (SRIPHL ) based in Churu, Rajasthan, India.



1 Multifunctional Platform Website

2 UNDP Mali Multifunctional Platform page Mali project: Mali Folke Center

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