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A microorganism (or "microbe") is a microscopic organism. Various companies and research institutions are searching for microorganisms that could break down cellulosic materials like switchgrass, wood, corn stover, agriculture wastes and other feedstocks in order to produce ethanol. [1]


  • DTN Ethanol Magazine article about microbes for ethanol production - This article reported on the so-called "Q Microbe" being utilized for breaking down cellulosic materials at a SunEthanol facility in Western Massachusetts.
    • The article called the Q Microbe a "cellulosic-ethanol entrepreneur's dream: In an age when companies are spending millions of dollars to discover or engineer enzymes that convert switchgrass, wood, corn stover, agriculture wastes and other feedstocks to ethanol, the Q Microbe makes its own specialized enzymes, depending on what it's eating, and pumps out ethanol as a waste product."

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