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This page provides a list of different technologies relating to biofuels.


Types of bioenergy

Types of bioenergy edit

Gases: Biopropane | Biogas | Synthetic natural gas | Syngas
Liquids: Biodiesel | Biobutanol | Biogasoline | Biokerosene | Biomass-to-Liquids (BTL) | Dimethyl ether (DME)
ETBE | Ethanol | Methanol | Pure plant oil (PPO) | Pyrolysis oil | Synthetic Natural Gas
Solids: Biomass pellets | Char/Charcoal | Wood

Bioenergy Conversion Technologies




Landfill gas collection (LFG)

Biodiesel production

For a wide range of information, see -

Ethanol production

Biobutanol production








Technologies by feedstock

Algae/Algal biodiesel

  • "Plankton to Provide Clean New Oil", 4 August 2006, InterPress Service, reported that the Spanish company Biofuel Systems SL (BFS) has developed a photo-bioreactor system to produce "massive amounts of biopetroleum from phytoplankton, in a limited space and at a very moderate cost" and "will be operational in late 2007". It quoted a researcher as saying that "a surface area of 52,000 square kilometres can yield 95 million barrels of biopetroleum per day, in other words an amount equivalent to the entire world production of crude oil at present, and at a considerably lower price."[1]



Various important processes in bioethanol production depend on, or can be significantly accelerated by enzymes. Enzymes are for instance frequently utilised in liquefaction processes complementary to mechanical liquefacion which may be achieved using (continuous) stirred tank reactors or jet cookers. Viscosity reduction is an improtant step before proceeding with starch breakdown (saccharification)in which the biomass fraction is hydrolysed to glucose. Following this step enzymes are also involved in the fermentation process.

Technologies by use


Village level technologies

The various types of technologies listed above are categorized by the type of reaction that is used to produce bioenergy or fuel. Most of these technologies are mostly being implemented at an industrial scale. However, an exciting area of bioenergy is its applications for addressing poverty and development at the local or village level.


  • UN Energy Matrix The Matrix is an information tool developed by the UN Secretariat, which aims to provide user-friendly information on practical experiences in implementation in the area of energy for sustainable development.

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Bioenergy and households and communities edit
Village level technologies: Multifunctional platform | Integrated Agricultural Bioenergy systems
Bioenergy in rural development | Bioenergy in household energy use
Bioenergy technologies by use edit
Household energy use (heating, cooking)
Bioenergy conversion technologies edit
Technologies categorized by bioenergy processes:

Biochemical: Aerobic, Anaerobic, Landfill gas collection (LFG), Biodiesel production, Ethanol production
Thermochemical: Combustion, Gasification, Pyrolysis, Depolymerization

Technologies categorized by feedstock:
Algae | Cellulosic technology

Technologies by commercialization status:

Analysis of technologies: Life-cycle analysis


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