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Landfill Gas Collection is a Biochemical conversion technology used to produce energy from biomass.


Types of Landfill Gas Collection

There are two main types of Landfill gas collection:

Landfill Sites

Feedstocks for Landfill Sites

  • Organic wastes
    • Pretreatment: none
    • Qualifications: none

Bioreactor Vessels

Feedstocks for Bioreactor vessels

  • Organic wastes
    • Pretreatment: sorting pre-treatment
    • Qualifications: The waste must be contained, compacted and covered in a vessel.


Products of Landfill gas collection include:

Advantages of Landfill Gas Collection

  • In the case of bioreactors, reduced material in landfills.
  • Reduced release of methane and other gases to the atmosphere and the beneficial use of these gases.
  • Significant greenhouse gas stabilization benefits.

Commercialization Status

  • Fully commercialized worldwide.

Sustainability and Environmental Concerns

  • Fully sustainable as long as humans produce waste that would go to landfills or bioreactors. The key factor is the sustainability of the biomass used in producing materials ending up in landfills. There are major environmental benefits from preventing the release of biogas generated in landfills to the atmosphere.

Societal Impacts

  • Added renewable energy to the nation's energy mix. Cleaner environment if landfills are properly maintained. Availability of decentralized energy, both electric and thermal, to the community. This would be of considerable value in the event of a regional or local energy emergency


This information was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, in cooperation with the Biomass Coordinating Council of the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). Template:Anaerobic Digesters

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