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Jojoba is a shrub native to the Sonoran desert of North America that produces oil-rich nuts. The oil is used in cosmetics and other household products, and has potential for use as a feedstock for production of biodiesel.

Production and usage by Country


  • Jojoba offers eco-friendly energy option, 2 March 2007 from "Scientists at the UAE University in Al Ain have come up with an alternative to diesel fuel by using jojoba oil."
  • Jojoba oil could fuel cars and trucks, 6 March 2003, New Scientist magazine. From the article:
    • "Early tests show that jojoba-fuelled engines kick out fewer pollutants, run more quietly and for longer, and perform just as well as diesels."
    • "Engineers think the oil has potential as a motor fuel because it releases a lot of energy when it burns and is chemically stable at the high temperatures and pressures in a working engine."
    • "It can be grown in hot climates, salty soils and even deserts."
  • Wikipedia article on jojoba.


  1. Jojoba oil could fuel cars and trucks
  2. Jojoba offers eco-friendly energy option
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