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Information about biofuels and bioenergy in the state of Indiana in the United States.






  • 29 August 2006, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, United States: Richard G. Lugar-Purdue Summit on Energy Security (invitation-only)
    • According to its website, the conference "will cover national security and economic policies, biomass and coal-based fuels, and suggest business and government strategies."[1]



  • Fund to fuel ethanol use out of gas, 27 December 2008, by Indianapolis Business Journal:
    • "A state fund supporting an 18-cent-a-gallon tax credit for gas stations selling E85 ethanol was exhausted in the first three months of the state’s new fiscal year. The timing for the alternative fuel couldn’t be worse. Gasoline prices have plummeted to around $1.50 a gallon from $4-plus this summer, making E85 and its inherently lower fuel economy less attractive to retailers and motorists."
    • "Early next year, gas retailers will pay state sales tax based on stratospheric summer gasoline prices. IPMC says that will drive many out of business. The tax calculation is made every six months, forcing fuel retailers to essentially front the state the money for six months until they get it back during the next calculation. But the association argues many stations won’t last that long and seeks help from the Legislature or governor." [2]
  • Rapid ethanol expansion questioned 27 November 2006 from While Indiana has 18 ethanol plants proposed or under construction, a Purdue University agricultural economist has suggested that only 7 to 9 will be built to limits on the amount of corn. If all the plants are constructed they would produce more than 800 million gallons of ethanol a year and consume more than 600 million bushels of corn a year. Indiana only produced a record 929 million bushels of corn in 2004 and is expected to produce 856 million bushels in 2006. Rising corn prices will make ethanol less competitive with gasoline and put pressure on the meat industries. Other studies have suggested that there will be enough corn to supply both fuel and food needs.


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