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Governors' Ethanol Coalition The US Governor's Ethanol Coalition was founded in 1991 and currently includes Governors from 36 states and international representation from Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Queensland, Austrailia, Sweden and Thailand.

  • According to the policy paper Ethanol from Biomass the Coalition advocates:
    • "Expanding the Renewable Fuels Standard to include a short term target of 12 billion gallons a year of ethanol and biodiesel utilization by 2010, and longer-term British thermal unit-based targets of 15 percent of total motor fuels consumption by 2015 and 25 percent by 2025, with equal incremental steps provided for each year in between";
    • "Assigning a financial value to the RFS cellulosic ethanol 2.5:1 trading credit by converting the credit into a more practical Cellulosic Ethanol Production Tax Credit (“CETOH PTC”) valued at 1.5 times the current Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit (VEETC) level ($0.765/gal.). Cellulosic ethanol producers would also be eligible for the traditional VEETC, and would therefore benefit from a total value of $0.765 plus the value of VEETC at that time";
    • "Establishing a timetable for delivering 85% Ethanol/15% gasoline infrastructure on a regional basis — expanding from several major metropolitan areas to an entire region or regions within five years. This expansion would be synchronized with the production of not less than 70 percent of new vehicles sold being ethanol flex-fuel capable within 10 years; and"
    • "Providing adequate funding for the Energy Policy Act of 2005 authorized biofuel research, demonstration, and incentive programs."
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