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Dimethyl ether (CH3OCH3) is also known as methoxymethane, oxybismethane, methyl ether, wood ether, biodme or DME. It can be used as a substitute for liquified petroleum gas, liquified natural gas, diesel and gasoline. It can be made from natural gas, coal, household waste, waste plastics or biomass including energy grasses and crop wastes. Several plants in Europe and Asia are focused on developing this versatile biofuel and testing in diesel trucks to smaller vehicles. [1][2] The versatility comes from the choice of starting material. This fuel can eliminate the talk about fuel vs. food.

DME production

DME can be produced in two ways, both of which can begin either with a biomass or fossil fuel feedstock.

Diagram showing the production process for DME


See books, reports, scientific papers, position papers and websites for additional useful resources.


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