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Note: This section includes quotations from websites of listed organizations. BioenergyWiki cannot endorse or ensure the accuracy of these or any other such statements found on this website.



  • Canadian Bioenergy: An integrated biodiesel company in Canada. The company is active in:
    • Pre-engineering and final feasibility for a 114 million litre per year (30 MMGY) biodiesel production facility adjacent to Bunge Canada's oilseed crushing plant in Sturgeon County, Alberta (near Edmonton).
    • Strategic partnering with oilseed growers and processors to secure long term supply of feedstocks for our biodiesel production plants.
    • Regional distribution and sales of biodiesel, and blended diesel-biodiesel products, from our terminal hubs in Vancouver, BC and Calgary, AB.
    • Expansion of our regional distribution and sales network of biodiesel products.
    • Partnering with petroleum distributors to make biodiesel widely available in western Canada through distribution and offtake agreements.
  • Dynamotive Uses pyrolysis technology to turn dry waste biomass and energy crops into BioOil for power and heat generation.
  • Eco-tec- among its other products, provides gasification technologies.
  • Iogen Corporation - Iogen has developed technology for cellulosic ethanol production.
  • Lignol Energy Corporation - A western Canadian company, Lignol plans to build biorefineries for ethanol and co-products produced from Canadian forests. The Company has acquired and modified a solvent based pre-treatment technology originally developed by a subsidiary of General Electric (“GE”). Lignol also acquired the original GE pilot plant that is now being integrated with recently developed process capabilities to convert cellulose to ethanol.
  • Sunopta- Built the first cellulosic ethanol plant 20 years ago, in France. In June 2006, SunOpta said it would build the first cellulosic ethanol plant in China. Recently sold a biomass-to-ethanol system to Celunol in what will likely be the first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in the United States.

United States

A comprehensive list of companies active in the production of ethanol can be found on the website of the Renewable Fuels Association. The RFA website also provides a list of ethanol plants in the United States. See also company information on the pages for the various states.


  • Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)
  • Aventine Renewable Energy
  • BlueFire Ethanol, Inc.
  • Bunge
  • Cargill
  • Chevron Energy Solutions - "Provides public institutions and businesses with environmentally sound projects that increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs" including solar photovoltaics, fuel cells, biomass and other systems.
  • Cilion - formed by Khosla Ventures and Western Milling.
  • Diversa - Partnering with Dupont and researching multiple enzyme "cocktails" to break down cellulosic biomass. Also looking for enzymes in the guts of termites in an attempt to capitalize on the insect's ability to convert wood to energy.
    • Note: Diversa and Celunol merged to create Verenium (see below).
  • Dyadic - Spent over a decade of R&D in the design and development of enzymes for the increasingly efficient extraction of sugars from [[biomass]. In 2006 Q4, a partnership was announced with Abengoa.
  • Hawkeye Holdings
  • Imperium Renewables - A biodiesel manufacturer in Washington, which built and operates the largest biodiesel plant in the U.S., Imperium Grays Harbor (IGH). IGH is a 100 million gallons/year facility on the coast of Washington State. Imperium's technology produces ASTM and EN spec biodiesel from a variety of feedstocks. Advanced feedstock development and sustainability are at the forefront of Imperium's efforts.
  • Mascoma - With a new CTO who spent over 10 years with SunOpta, Mascoma is developing bio and process technology for cost-effective conversion of cellulosic biomass. Khosla Ventures is a Mascoma investor.


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