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This page serves to locate "to do" items (that is, pages where [[Category:To do]]) has been typed), and relevant sub-categories (see below).

The category "To do" indicates priority activities that contributors should do.

You can indicate new "to do" items by placing the text [[Category:To do]] on pages that where you describe such to do items. The other categories can also be added to pages to "tag" them for particularized attention.

Recurring maintenance tasks

Certain tasks should be performed regularly, at appropriate intervals, in order to provide optimal wiki content.




  • Do monthly changeover for News and Events (Move outdated items to individual month pages, etc.)


List them here; remove when complete

Pages to create (See also sub-category below)

Pages to merge (See also sub-category below)

Categorized tasks

Shown below are various sub-categories of "to do" items. As appropriate, a limited number of such categories should be used.

  • Category:Image needed: Indicates pages that could benefit from the addition of images; for geographical pages, the image is most likely a map.
  • Category:Map needed: Indicates pages that could benefit from the addition of a map; once the pages currently included in this category are provided with maps, this category should be retired and pages needing maps should thereafter be indicated simply by the category "Category:Image needed."


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Pages in category "To do"

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