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This page lists suggested style rules for contributions to Bioenergywiki.



  • Be aware of capitalization, as page names are case-sensitive. Thus, [[Biodiesel Production]] is a different page from [[Biodiesel production]]. The default should be lower-case letters with the first letter capitalized; i.e., [[Biodiesel production problems]] (Note, however, that the first letter of the first word in a page name can be either lower or upper case).


  • In general, all non-automated pages in the BioenergyWiki should have categories. A category is like a tag that groups similar pages. Categories are added at the bottom of pages by typing [[Category:Name]]. Categories should be added in alphabetical order, and should follow the capitalization rules (first word and proper names capitalized).
  • The categories for pages should be as specific as possible, in essence placing the entry at the smallest level in a "category tree" or hierarchy that progressively grows wider with each subsequent level. Users exploring the categories would therefore be introduced to progressively wider classes of information.
  • For example, "Corn" would be placed in the category of "Ethanol feedstocks." It would not, however be categorized as "Feedstocks." This is because the category "Ethanol feedstocks" would itself, in turn, be placed in the category of "Feedstocks" (as well as the category "Ethanol").
  • Both "Companies" and "Nongovernmental organizations" would therefore be classified under "Organizations", but "Companies" would not be classified under "Nongovernmental organizations." However, companies might conceivably be categorized under "Industry organizations." Thus, categories are not mutually exclusive. They exist to help users navigate to useful information through a logical, user-friendly sequence.


  • Dates should be standardized as: DD MONTH 20XX (with no commas); e.g., 12 November 2009.



  • Terms in the glossary should not be capitalized (unless they are proper names) and should use the following mark-up:
    ; [[glossary term]] : This is the definition of the term. (Source: [ BBC])
    glossary term 
    This is the definition of the term. (Source: BBC)


  • In general, use the standard "thumb" (thumbnail) markup (which provides a border and symbol that indicates that the image will be enlarged if clicked) for images: [[Image:Name.jpeg|thumb|300px|Image caption.]]
  • Provide captions for images (provides good wiki link opportunities).
  • The image summary section on the image/upload page should have the following sections:

   Summary: A brief description of the image.
   Source: The source of the file. If you made it yourself, say so. If the file is available online, include the appropriate link.    Credit: The person or organization who created the image.
   Licensing: The copyright holder and the license of the file, including any usage restrictions on the image. Example: As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain.

  • If you upload a file here to which you hold the copyright, you must license it under a free license or release it into the public domain.
  • NOTE: Images without licensing information will be deleted.


  • Whenever you are providing an external link to an organization or webpage, please provide a brief, 1- or 2-line summary of the external page or its relevance to bioenergy. Example:*[ The Petroleum Conservation Research Association National Biofuel Center] - Website includes state-by-state details of biofuels plantations and projects in India.


  • Unless there is a clear reason otherwise (e.g., a list of top producers of a fuel), order all lists alphabetically.


  • News article headlines should be a link to the article on the internet if possible. The link should be bold, followed by a dash, the date, author (where known), and source.
  • News articles should be briefly summarized with the keywords wiki linked.
  • News article summaries should be kept to between 1 and 3 lines. If more than 3 lines, indent the remaining points, by using two asterisks.


  • percentages: include zeros - write "0.71%" rather than ".71%"
  • Use subscript (CO<sub>2</sub>)and superscript (x<sup>2</sup>) markup when appropriate, particularly for chemical and scientific notation: Eg. CO2, x2


  • Organizations (including companies) listed in an organizations page or section should follow the following format: Name of organization - short description of organization or relevance to bioenergy. Please indicate through quotation marks if any text is taken directly from the organization's literature, e.g.,
    • Biofuelwatch - Works "to ensure that only sustainably-sourced biofuels can be sold in the European Union."[1]
    • If the country of the organization is not clear from the page, indicate it before the description; e.g.,



  • End lines with periods.
  • Provide only one space between sentences.


  • Indicate sources as clearly as possible, either using footnotes (not currently available) or <small> (source:) </small> format. Example: (source: People's Daily Online)
  • Anything that is a direct quote should be clearly indicated as such with quotation marks. Example: "The American Corn Growers Association is America's leading progressive commodity association, representing the interests of corn producers in 35 states."


  • Always place the main template ({{main}}) at the bottom of a page, and place any other appropriate templates above the main template.


  • Latin names should italicized, e.g., Nypa fruticans.


  • Write text in an impartial and objective voice.
    • When referring to entities, use the name of the entity, rather than "they", etc. (this solves the problem that could arise if an edit were to be made by a representative of that entity, in which case the actor could also be written as "we").
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